Children to Adolecents

All children and young people have the right to quality education in order to give them the best start in life and at school. Though, how students feel about themselves and their well-being changes over time due to various circumstances and differences which can affect how students engage and succeed in school.

'Step Up' - Links to Learning

‘Step Up’ is a component of the Links to Learning service, and provides support specifically to students in Year 6, who need additional support, in their transition to high school.

Students who are having difficulties at school or personally, are supported with their learning through engaging educational groups and one-to-one work.

Our educational groups are small, intimate groups and run for 10 weeks or more in length. Every group is tailored to the needs of each group and is created in consultation with students, which includes creative learning activities such as:

  • Sports & fitness
  • Arts & music
  • Building self-esteem & respect
  • Mental health & well-being
  • Handling emotions and challenges
  • Handling racism and bullying

Our groups are currently running in 6 primary schools.  If your school is interested in obtaining support for year 6 students, please contact us and we can see what we can offer. Children get involved through the partner school referrals to each group, however if you are in year 6 and feel you need support with going to high school or with school stuff, you can contact us and we can assist through one of our other services.

To learn more, send us an email or dial (02) 9556 1769


We believe when young people are given high quality support and knowledge, they can be empowered to make positive changes and build a positive future.