Welcome to the 2Connect Resource Hub. Here you will find a variety of resources relating to important issues including Alcohol & Other Drugs, LGBTIQA+ Inclusiveness, Domestic and Family Violence, Education, Youth Mental Health and more. These resources have been either been created or compiled by 2Connect for use by young people, families, schools or organisations to download, distribute and print or share online.

LGBTIQA+ Resources

To help young people feel safe and accepted within their schools and communities, we have put together a varierty of resources to assist with LGBTIQA+ youth inclusiveness.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources

Alcohol and other drug use among young people remains concerning as they are susceptible to permanent damage from AOD use. We have created and compiled a variety of helpful resources for young people, parents and caregivers and educators.

Education Resources

Our Education hub includes helpful resources for young people including study tips, HSC support and more.

Youth Mental Health Resources

Find information, resources and support services in our Youth Mental Health Resource Hub, to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people within our communities.