LGBTIQA+ Resources

Below you’ll find a variety of resources for schools and services to help stop discrimination and increase LGBTIQA+ youth inclusiveness within our communities. Please feel free to download, distribute and print or share these resources online.

Visibility Posters

Four posters to help stop LGBTIQA+ discrimination created by young people who identify with LGBTIQA+ and have attended our Glisten Youth Social Groups. Download here.

2Connect has collated the below LGBTIQA+ visibility inclusion posters from different resources for use at your school or service. Download here.

2Connect, in conjunction with Kogarah Community Services, runs a youth social group for young people aged up to 18 years who identify as LGBTIQA+, and their friends. Download here.

2Connect has created this inclusive All Gender Restroom sign which can be downloaded and used at your school or organisation. Download here.

LGBTIQA+ Service Directory

Created in conjunction with Kogarah Community Services, we have put together an LGBTIQA+ Services Directory full of youth support services, social groups, cultural specfic services and special days and events for those in the LGBTIQA+ community and their friends and families.  Download the directory here.

LGBTIQA+ Youth Inclusiveness Resources

LGBTIQA+ young people continue to be exposed to stigma, discrimination, harassment and safety concerns, which significantly impacts their health and wellbeing. 

To help young people improve their safety and acceptance within their schools and communities, 2Connect, in conjunction with Kogarah Community Services, has put together this document full of useful resources including language guides, sample school inclusion policies, helpful websites and more to assist with LGBTIQA+ youth inclusiveness. Download the document here.