2Connect Youth & Community is committed to making sure that the latest evidence-based research and the best models of services are used in our services.  

Youth Drug Support Quality Improvement

In partnership with NADA and WAYS Youth & Family, 2Connect Youth & Community, is currently undertaking a research project to generate new and better ways to support young people with alcohol and other drugs. The latest up-to-date evidence based practices are being reviewed to ensure better treatment outcomes for young people.

This project will expand and enhance the current alcohol and other drug youth support services which partner organisations currently provide (and which have been provided successfully for over 14 years). By doing so, the very expansion and leveraging off from these current services will mean that more young people will be able to access alcohol and other drug treatment easily within established services, and young people who do access them will have better and improved support.


We believe when young people are given high quality support and knowledge, they can be empowered to make positive changes and build a positive future.